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It’s hard to name a postural disorder whose musculoskeletal or neuromuscular symptoms don’t have some basis in faulty spinal alignment. While many cases of back pain and other physical problems are clearly initiated by traumatic injuries or other sudden events, spinal alignment problems may also be present from birth or develop over many years or incorrect posture. That’s why our Nashua NH chiropractor at Main Street Wellness is a firm believer in Chiropractic BioPhysics. Pain and other symptoms can be relieved more efficiently once we pinpoint the mechanics behind your suffering.

A straight, correct posture is central to proper physical and neurological function. If your body stands or moves in an off-balance fashion, the uneven weight distribution can cause a variety of problems. Muscles one side of the body may assume an excessive burden and experience chronic strain while those on the opposite side become weak from disuse. An off-kilter spinal column can allow vertebrae discs or other structures to push against nerve roots, creating pain and other unpleasant symptoms while contributing to disorders ranging from hypertension and asthma to fatigue and insomnia.

Isolating the cause and location your imbalance, and then employing the proper corrective measures to bring relief, is the core of Chiropractic BioPhysics. Pain is only one indicator of a postural problem; our chiropractor employs x-rays and other postural diagnostics to see where your musculoskeletal balance differs from established norms. In addition to your stationary posture, we also evaluate your various body parts’ ability to twist and turn (rotation) or move in a straight line (translation). By factoring human biology, anatomy, geometry and physics into our evaluations, we can understand how your body functions — or malfunctions — while in motion.

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Once our Chiropractic BioPhysics evaluations have pinpointed the imbalance, we can use Chiropractic BioPhysics treatment techniques to correct it. One example is what we call mirror image postural adjustments. If, say, your neck has adopted a “head forward” slumped position, we can measure the cervical spinal deviation from the norm and then apply gentle adjustment in the opposite direction to to correct the neck’s alignment by exactly the right amount. This is highly effective form of postural correction for many of our patients in Brookline, Nashua, Hollis and Pepperell, NH.

Once your posture has been corrected, your body must be able to maintain that correction — and the muscles must retrain themselves to respond to and support their new alignment. To achieve this, we may prescribe mirror image postural exercises. These may include simple resistance exercises you can practice at home, with or without an exercise band. In some cases we may even recommend traction treatment to aid the body’s transition to its “new normal.”

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