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Neck pain in Nashua NH can place some pretty severe restriction, not just on your neck, but on your entire life. When turning or lifting your head is unbearably painful, even the most basic daily tasks become immensely difficult projects, and your quality of life may be as limited as your range of motion. If you can’t stand the thought of taking constant painkillers, submitting yourself for neck surgery or “just living with it,” then you need to investigate the natural neck pain solutions offered by our Nashua clinic, Main Street Wellness.

Understanding What Type of Neck Pain You Have (and Why You Have It)

The neck is a complex mechanism with many moving parts, so it’s easy to understand how pain might occur at any of several points, for a variety of reasons. Pain in general falls into two main categories — acute (pain associated with a specific injury, resolving within 3 months of the injury’s resolution) and chronic (pain continuing beyond the 3-month mark and/or associated with a chronic health condition). Most acute pain is mechanical in nature, involving damage to structures such as vertebral joints, muscles and connective tissues. Chronic pain is more likely to be classified as radicular, meaning that it is related to nerve impingement, inflammation or damage.

Neck pain has many potential causes, which can leave you wondering what you might have done to bring on such agony. In fact, you may have done nothing at all. Age-related changes in the cervical spine can flatten the discs that maintain space between the vertebrae, subjecting the joints to extra strain. Narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck (cervical spinal stenosis) can also cause chronic neck pain. On the other hand, you may have unknowingly adopted an abnormal posture such as “text neck” from drooping your head down to read your smartphone or monitor. Last but certainly not least, collisions that whip your head back and forth can produce whiplash, a combination of soft tissue strain, herniated discs, pinched nerves and/or vertebral subluxation that causes severe stiffness and pain.

Non-Invasive Solutions From Our Nashua NH Chiropractor

Whatever the nature of your neck pain, you’ll find drug-free, non-surgical answers here at Main Street Wellness & Chiropractic. Our Nashua chiropractor, Dr. Sullivan, evaluates your cervical spinal alignment and symptoms to identify the precise origin of your pain. Equally precise chiropractic technique such as the instrument-based Impulse IQ can correct cervical vertebral issues quickly, accurately and comfortably. Decompression therapy can re-orient herniated discs, relieving nerve pain, while also re-hydrating flattened discs. Physical therapy can help injured or strained soft tissues gain strength and flexibility. We can help teach you how to avoid “text neck” and other postural problems.

Get Relief for Your Neck Pain Today!

Our new client special includes an initial consultation, exam and X-rays — a super-affordable first step toward leaving your neck pain behind. Call (603) 882-5742 to schedule an appointment today!


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