Natural Whiplash Treatment in Nashua NH

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Nashua residents are invited to contact Main Street Wellness soon after an auto accident for whiplash relief. Chiropractic care in Nashua NH provides holistic care for injury recovery after an automobile accident, especially rear-end collisions in which you head is quickly thrown forward and snaps back into position. This action typically results in whiplash which includes neck pain, headaches and limited mobility. Our Nashua chiropractor evaluates your condition and then offers a personalized care program to restore your health and reduce your discomfort. We welcome residents of Nashua and the surrounding communities of Brookline, Pepperell and Hollis to visit our center and enjoy our new client special. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible after an accident so your whiplash symptoms do not result in long-lasting concerns.

Our Nashua NH Chiropractor Offers Whiplash Symptom Relief

If you have incurred an injury during an auto accident and suspect you have whiplash, our Nashua chiropractor evaluates your condition. Whiplash symptoms do not always appear immediately following an accident. Some may show up right away and others may appear within days. Symptoms to look for include:

  • Inability to turn your head through a full range of motion- the overstretched muscles may now be tense and limiting your head-turning ability
  • Frequent or recurrent headaches– headaches may begin at the base of your skull and extend to the front of your head
  • Neck pain that is throbbing, achy or shooting– the muscles, tendons and vertebrae in your neck have experience trauma in which nerves may be compressed
  • Upper back pain that feels tight or makes you want a massage– the pain may extend into your shoulders or upper back
  • Difficulties concentrating or focusing– if your neck is out of alignment, blood flow to the brain may have decreased
  • Extreme feelings of fatigue– as your body tries to repair itself, it uses a lot of energy
  • Increasing irritability– the pain and body discomforts will affect your mood
  • Vision that is becoming blurry– vision that is out of focus in one or both eyes may occur

Our Nashua chiropractors listen to your symptoms and evaluate your spine and neck muscles. We may use x-rays for a deeper look at the spinal alignment and determine the best healing process. Our treatment options include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments performed manually or with the use of tools such as the Activator to provide precision adjustments
  • Drop tables to enhance your adjustments and comfort
  • Spinal decompression to alleviate disc concerns in your neck
  • Massage therapy to reduce muscle tension and lessen your pain

Call Main Street Wellness in Nashua Today for Whiplash Relief

Our Nashua chiropractors are available to assist you with convenient scheduling times. The sooner you reach out to us after a car accident, the sooner our chiropractors will begin natural relief techniques. This reduces your chances of long-term discomforts and speeds your recovery process. We look forward to caring for you and your family. Our entire health team supports your recovery process so contact us today at (603) 882-5742 to learn about our new client special.


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