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If you’ve been injured at your Brookline, Nashua, Pepperell, or Hollis NH workplace, you may be struggling with a lot more than pain or stiffness. Extended time away from work can result in significant lost wages or even the loss of your job, and a severely debilitating injury might prevent you from finding another job. But painkillers only mute your pain and sometimes make it harder to think straight, while surgery can add even more downtime to your calendar. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments in Nashua NH and other natural, non-invasive methods can help many people recover from their work related injuries — and we’re proud to offer such services here at Main Street Wellness

There are almost as many ways to get hurt on the job as there are jobs, but many of these injuries tend to fall into a few common categories. These include:

Repetitive motion injuries – Workplaces host a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries. Many of these develop gradually over a long period of time, especially when you are performing one task over and over. These are called repetitive motion or repetitive strain injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a prominent example, as constant keyboard and mouse use creates inflammation in the tissues surrounding the median nerve in the wrist.

Acute strain injuries – Unlike repetitive motion strains, acute strains occur in a single devastating instant. For instance, if you try to lift a heavy object improperly or without assistance, you can strain the muscles in your back and possibly herniate a vertebral disc. The herniated disc then presses on nerve roots that send signals throughout the body, causing everything from tingling or numbness in the extremities to shooting pains, balance problems and weakness.

Slips and falls – Slips and falls can wreak havoc on your spine, jarring the spinal column and possibly throwing your vertebrae out of their normal alignment. Disc problems can be caused by this type of injury as well. An untreated misalignment can grow progressively worse, limiting your mobility, putting major muscle groups under extra stress, and making you prone to additional injuries.

Automotive injuries – If you drive a vehicle as part of your job, automotive injuries can put you off the road and out of work. In addition to lumbar problems, an auto impact can cause the painful cervical strain injury known as whiplash.

Our Nashua NH Chiropractor Can Help You Get Back to Work

Our chiropractors can help you heal more quickly and completely from one of these injuries. Our computer-aided chiropractic adjustment techniques can gently correct spinal misalignments, while decompression is invaluable for returning herniated lumbar or cervical discs to their proper position. Massage therapy boosts blood flow and relieves inflammation in strained tissues. We even offer yoga to help you rebuild your strength and flexibility so you can return to work. Contact Main Street Wellness today at (603) 882-5742!


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