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Getting hurt on the job can hurt your wallet as well as your body, but taking advantage of workers comp can help you with your recovery. At Main Street Wellness in Nashua NH, we care for a wide variety of patients who have been hurt while working. The worker’s comp system is a confusing one, and most patients have questions when they’re trying to apply for benefits. Here are some of the most common ones we hear in our office:

How Do I Qualify for Workers Comp in Nashua NH?

Workers’ compensation insurance, also known as workers comp, is insurances designed to cover work-related diseases and injuries. In order to quality for benefits, you have to have been employed in your place of business, and not a freelance or subcontract worker, and you must have sustained the injury while on the clock, doing work your employer required you to do as part of the job.

What Benefits Can I Get?

There are three different benefits offered through the workers’ compensation insurance system. They include:

  • All medical bills paid with no deductible or co-pay
  • Replacement for lost wages, generally 66 percent of the worker’s average weekly wage
  • Death benefits to dependent families

What is a Designated Provider?

Once you file a claim for workers’ comp, your employer has the right to send you to their own doctor, known as the designated provider. This is a medical professional who has a relationship with the employer, usually an agreement to care for referred patients at a reduced rate. This medical professional is known as your designated provider.

Can I See My Own Doctor?

You may see your own doctor for followup work, but in order to be eligible for benefits, you always have to see your designate provider first.

Can a Chiropractor Be a Designated Provider?

In most cases, a chiropractor isn’t a designated provider. There must be a significant reason to change from the original listing doctor to a chiropractor, but it is possible. There’s a list of preferred chiropractors for each state, in case of need in compensation cases. In general, your claims adjuster will have further information on seeing a chiropractor for workers comp injuries.

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In many cases, chiropractic treatment will get you back on your feet faster than you would be with medication and other treatments. Once you see your designated provider, you can ask to be referred to our office for chiropractic adjustment and treatment. For an injury consultation and examination, call our office in Nashua at (603) 882-5742 for an appointment.


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